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About Us

The Household Anglo-Norman Living History Society is a premier high medieval living history and re-enactment group that offers an immersive living history experience specializing in engaging combat displays and a full authentic living history encampment to explore.

Our large authentic encampment represents an array of medieval crafts and characters and is an interactive introduction to medieval life for all ages. From soldiers and knights to monks and cooks, we aim to represent a typical itinerant household under a noble personage at various times during the Norman period. Our combat displays are not choreographed and the knights and soldiers are fully trained to fight with replica weapons and armour in order to give you a realistic idea of the skill and the physicality of combat in this period of history first hand.

The Household has a strong commitment to thorough research and construction of military and civilian costume and equipment as well as the representation of period crafts and activities. We primarily focus on the period 1016-1216AD; however, we also portray the forces of Simon de Montfort during the late 13th century Second Barons War at some of our events. This period covers the end of the viking period in England, the Battle of Hastings, the Anarchy of King Stephen's reign, King Richard the Lionheart, the legend of Robin Hood, and the sealing of Magna Carta.

The Household has been running since 2006, has full public liability insurance and regularly attends events in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Household has worked with such organizations as English Heritage, The National Trust, The Royal Armouries and the BBC as well as numerous local councils. The Household is a nationwide group and has the ability to travel to events all over Europe.

Please use our Contact Us page for event bookings, to join us as a new member or if you have any other questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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 The Household at The Battle of Evesham in August 2015

The Household at The Battle of Evesham in August 2015